Engineering Contracting
Professional Flat Glass Engineering Contractor
current position:Engineering Contracting

ZGIEC is capable of setting up a modern glass factory in an open field based on the client’s requirements.

Relying on its designing & technology advantages and its equipments manufacturing base, ZGIEC can provide the total engineering contracting service for the entire glass production line, including designing, materials procurement, project construction, furnace ignition and heat-up as well as trial run etc. Materials procurement is carried out through normal bidding process and project construction is done by professional construction team. Besides its strict construction norms, ZGIEC also has supervision company to supervise the construction quality, construction schedule and construction safety, all of which are subject to the unified command and control of the experienced experts, thus ensuring the smooth and orderly implementation all stages from preliminary design to final commercial production. ZGIEC also offers 24hours technical support during the quality warranty period.