Professional Flat Glass Technology Know-how Supplier

ZGIEC owns the most advanced technology know-how for sheet glass production line. The melting capacity of the line ranges from 10TPD to 300TPD and the glass thickness can be 0.8mm~8mm. The forming section equipments, annealing lehr equipments, cold end equipments as well as ultra-thin glass cutting equipments developed by ZGIEC have greatly increased the sheet glass quality. ZGIEC has so far completed more than twenty sheet glass production lines and has undertaken several turn-key project in countries like India, Pakistan, Nigeria etc.

◆ZGIEC is the only company in China that owns successful designing and equipments manufacturing experiences of ultra thin glass production lines.

◆ZGIEC is the only company in China that can offer the whole set of equipments (including forming, annealing and cold end equipments) for stable production of 1mm thick sheet glass.

◆The largest ultra thin sheet glass factory(2x300TPD) in Asia is set up by ZGIEC.

◆The smallest and thinnest ultra clear sheet glass production line (10TPD) is set up by ZGIEC.



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